If You Love Dogs, Then You're in the Right Place


Vue.Dog | Dog Photography | Owner & Photographer Andrew Sproule

Dog whisperer | photographer | Coffee Fanatic


Hi, I'm Andrew Sproule, a professional dog photographer and founder of dog photography brand Vue.Dog and I like to tell stories - more specifically - your dog's story.

But, first of all, a bit of background.

I’m currently based in Yarcombe in Devon and cover Devon, Dorset and Somerset. I also have a base in the South East, so I’m able to conduct shoots in Kent, Sussex and London as well, with the only restriction being any existing commitments. Not bad hey?

I'm a self-confessed perfectionist, animal lover (no surprise there) and coffee afficionado.

I also count myself extremely fortunate to travel extensively as a Wildlife & Adventure Photographer and Photo Safari Tour Leader and the years of in-the-field and on-location experience have given me an invaluable and comprehensive understanding of animal behaviour.

Anyway, back to why I like telling stories!

All great stories have a number of fundamental stages that need to come together to create a gripping plot. Exploration and preparation, through rising action and climax to revelation, and it's no different for your dog photography experience.

From the research, booking and planning stage, to the fun of the photo session, to the image reveal, and the delivery of fine art products for your home. I absolutely love my clients' reactions when they see their very special soul mate in print for the first time. If you want to know why I do this, then you have it right there.

I can't wait to tell your dog's story!