Dog Photography by Andrew Sproule of Vue.Dog
  • Where is Vue Dog based?

    Short answer: Yarcombe, in Devon.
    I’m based in Devon and cover Devon, Dorset and Somerset. I also have a base in the South East, so I’m able to conduct shoots in Kent, Sussex and London as well, with the only restriction being any existing commitments.

  • Should my dog be groomed?

    Short answer: This really is up to you.
    The sessions are outdoors, on location, so a beautifully groomed dog may not stay that way for long. In most cases a good brush over works wonders replacing the shine back in to coats and reducing matted hair.

  • Can my dog stay on it's lead?

    Short answer: Not a problem.
    In fact, a large percentage of dogs I photograph are kept on their leads for numerous reasons. There are a number of techniques that can be employed during the shoot to reduce the impact leads have in the scene and if a lead is still visible at the post-production stage, I can digitally remove it.

  • What happens if it rains?

    Short answer: We will most likely have to reschedule.
    I will be keeping an eye out for any inclement weather. Good light is a major influence in the images I take. Rain, especially, is not kind to us and even less kind to my equipment. Dogs can also become distinctly uncomfortable leading to unnatural and uneasy poses. If there’s going to be dark clouds or rain, then unfortunately we will have to reschedule. In the event that a session has to be rescheduled, there will be no additional charges.

  • What time of day are the sessions?

    Short answer: Typically late afternoon.
    My favourite time of day to shoot is late afternoon or early evening, when the sun is low in the sky and the light is soft.

  • Can I be in some of the photographs?

    Short answer: Of course!.
    Just leap in any time. Capturing that bond between you both can be a special moment. I just ask that you dress appropriately for the location and obviously the British weather and keep things simple by avoiding bold patterns and colours that may clash with your dog. Neutral works best, although a hint of colour, especially if it compliments your dog (or something you dog is wearing) can be useful for making your images really stand out.

  • Can I reserve a session last minute?

    Short answer: Please contact me.
    Typically, session days are reserved a month or two in advance, so booking early is undoubtedly a distinct advantage. That said, rescheduling of sessions does happen which frees up slots. Please contact me, you never know.

  • Do you photograph other pets?

    Short answer: Certainly.
    Although dogs account for approximately 90% of my client base, I’m more then happy to photograph cats, horses or any other creature for that matter.

  • Does the session fee include all images?

    Short answer: Nope!
    The session fee is for my time pre-session, during the session and post session to select and professionally prepare a certain amount of digital files ready for presentation. At the private viewing and ordering appointment at your home I will typically present between 30 and 40 images for you to choose your favourites and order framed wall art and or fine art albums. You can of course additionally purchase any or all of the digital files presented at the ordering session.

  • My dog is unruly. Is this a concern?

    Short answer: Nope.
    You know what they say about working with kids and animals!! I find patience is the key. I’ve worked with all kinds of animals and once we’ve identified their particular idiosyncrasies we can use it to our advantage. PLEASE SEE THIS ARTICLE.

  • How much should I budget?

    Short answer: Your total investment depends on how many images you fall in love with and how you'd like to display them in your home.
    Trademark Sessions require a non-refundable reservation retainer of £399. During the private viewing and ordering appointment this retainer magically converts in to a product credit to put towards customised fine art products. My clients typically invest between £800 and £2,200 on the whole experience. At the post-session catch up you will have the opportunity to view the range of stunning fine art products and together we will choose the right products and sizes to suit your home.

  • Can I bring my camera to the session?

    Short answer: Ideally, no.
    Although a camera phone for capturing some “behind the scenes” moments is absolutely fine. That said, it’s highly likely that you’ll be assisting me to capture those amazing moments anyway.

  • Should I bring toys to the session?

    Short answer: Please do.
    Introducing familiar objects for your dog to interact with can definitely help.

  • Should I bring treats to the session?

    Short answer: Treats can be useful in certain situations.
    Please bear in mind however, that once your dog is aware that you have something tasty in your pockets, they may become obsessed and therefore attention is drawn away from the task in hand.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    Short answer: Credit & Debit Cards, Paypal and BACs.
    I accept all major credit & debit cards, PayPal and online bank transfers. As soon as the full balance has been received and cleared, I will complete all orders. Orders cannot be changed or cancelled beyond this point. No orders will be placed until full payment has been received and cleared.

  • How far are you prepared to travel?

    Short answer: Nothing is off-limit!
    I have clients in the Highlands of Scotland and clients in Wales. Travelling is in my blood and I love to explore. How far I travel pretty much depends on the commitments I have at the time.

  • Do you offer gift certificates?

    Short answer: Watch this space
    Coming soon

  • Should my dog keep its collar on?

    Short answer: This is entirely your call.
    These are your photographs, so my advice is to go with what you like. Bring a number of collars, bandanas if you like and we can swap them during the session. Collars that are lightweight and compliment your dog’s coat tend to work best. I will however refuse to conduct a session if a dog has an electric, choke or studded collar.




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