We are always searching of fabulous dog models for commercial assignments, training workshops and personal projects. If you believe that your very special mate is a super dog model, we would love to have them in our dog model database. All sizes, ages and breeds (as well as crossbreeds) are welcome to apply.


  • You consent to your dog being added to the Vue.Dog model database.
  • You are willing to sign a contract with a copyright agreement, commercial use agreement and model/property release if selected.
  • You understand that acceptance of your dog does not guarantee any photography work.
  • Flexibilty is a definitely an advantage as you could be invited for a photo shoot at any location and at any time.
  • You have the absolute right to accept or decline any photography project that may be offered to you, for any reason.
  • You understand that being chosen for commercial work or a personal photography project does not guarantee compensation of any kind. If selected however, you will be gifted an 8 x 12 print along with a watermarked digital file of your favourite image as well as a 10% product credit towards additional fine art heirlooms (with no obligation to purchase anything extra).
  • You will be responsible for your dog's own travel to and from photo shoot locations.
  • You are able to handle and direct your dog for the entire project.
  • If you submit a puppy younger than 1 year, please submit their details again when they are a fully grown dog.
  • No personal details or contact information whatsover will be released to any third party; this is for the internal use of Andrew Sproule at® limited only.


  • Comfortable around people and other dogs.
  • Great with direction.
  • Friendly and confident and unfazed by new situations and unfamiliar surroundings.
  • Alert and interested in treats or toys.
  • A solid recall and excellent with sit and stay commands.
  • Walks well on and off the lead.

If you are happy with all of the above, please complete the form below to start the registration process:

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Uploading images on forms from certain devices can be problematic. Therefore, please send a recent photo of your dog directly to - Please rename the file with your name and your dog's name.


By submitting your dog to Vue.Dog®, you are acknowledging and accepting that there is no guarantee that your dog/s will be selected for a Vue.Dog photography project whether that project be commercial or for a model call session. If your dog is selected, you will be giving permission to Vue.Dog to license the images of your dog to commercial and editorial clients as well as to Vue.Dog for photography projects. You are giving Vue.Dog permission to store your details as per the Privacy Policy information provided on Session details are determined by Vue.Dog and may be weeks or even months after the initial submission. A signed model release will be required prior to any photography taking place. *

Please Note:

  • Vue.Dog® is not a dog talent agency
  • Please complete one form for each dog
  • Please send a photo of your dog direct to and rename any files with your name and your dog's name