Concerned your dog is too mischievous?


Concerned your dog will misbehave during a photo session? - Don’t be!

Are you in awe of all those wow-factor, professionally taken, on-location dog photographs you see and wonder just how well trained and well behaved those dogs must have been? 

Do you want to book a dog photography photo session but have concerns that your very special soul mate will be a complete maniac on the day?

Well, those butter-wouldn't-melt, innocent little faces you see in those images hide a tiny secret and I’m going to let you in on it!

Vue.Dog | Sussex Dog Photography | Concerned Your Dog Will Misbehave At A Professional Photo Session? Don't be!

You know what they say about working with children and animals!! Well, when it comes to photo shoots there is a fundamental difference between the two subjects.

Children will often start out shy and eventually open up as a photo session progresses, where as dogs habitually go crazy right from the get-go before eventually calming down.

So, what is this secret? Well, the dogs in the majority of sessions, and I'm talking about 90% plus, are just like yours. Once in the great outdoors, your furry friend is not only excited about being outside, they’re experiencing sensory overload. They want to sniff, chase, run, bark, swim, roll, fetch and more. The key is not to view their actions as naughtiness but instead see them as individual character traits. The traits that made you fall in love with them in the first place.

“Your dog is doing what it does best . .  being a dog”

As luck would have it, on-location dog photographers are motivated by those unexpected, amusing, erratic, magical and unscripted moments. That’s exactly what they want to encapsulate - your dog doing what it does best – being a dog.

Fortunately, photographers have a number of useful tricks up their sleeves and never turn up to shoots empty-handed. They come armed with . . .

  • patience

  • a love of animals

  • experience

  • knowledge

  • field craft

  • tricks

  • toys

  • squeakers

  • paraphernalia (including poop bags)

  • treats and more

  • Mostly, it's about attention grabbing.

Utilising the above to interact, distract and attract your dog long enough to capture something special, that you'll treasure for a long time.

And - don't be concerned about your dog remaining on a leash at times or throughout a shoot. This is more common then you might expect, especially in public areas and there's a whole bunch of post-production techniques that can be employed to eradicate unwanted and distracting objects.

You're paying for a dedicated professional, so you sit back and relax and let me worry about getting those amazing images for you.

So, still think your dog is too naughty to attend a professional pet photo session? I hope I've convinced you otherwise!

Let's take a look at what you can expect to experience.