8 Reasons To Hire A Professional Pet Photographer


We’ve all attempted to take impromptu photographs of our pets when they’re in certain situations, interesting locations, engaged in some unusual behaviour or just being plain cute.

While holding the leash with one hand or trying to be quiet, we fumble to locate and take out our smart phones, login and select the camera app, and then – damn it! The moment has gone, even before you frame the shot.

Even if we had managed to capture something, the images are often of low quality and their uses are limited. As a result the pictures remain in digital form on our phone's SIM card.

Below, are a number of factors (in no particular order), that rationalise why hiring a professional pet photographer is a sensible investment.

1) Gallery quality keepsakes

Vue.Dog | Dog Photography | 8 Reasons To Hire A Professional Pet Photographer

Fundamentally, the principal reason anyone would consider hiring a professional pet photographer is to possess high quality keepsakes of their very special soul mate/s. Gallery quality wall art, fine art prints and coffee table albums etc will take pride of place in anyone’s home providing lasting, tangible memoirs.

2) Puppy proof

Most dog breeds are considered adult around about 10-12 months. Therefore, the puppy stage is extremely short. Those first 12 months will fly by and the changes in your puppy every few weeks can be remarkable, so the sooner you preserve these moments, the better. Possessing high quality photographic proof in your home of the very early life stages act as visual reminders of those innocent, clumsy and carefree days.

3) Equipment

Professional pet photographers invest heavily in their equipment. They need the right tools to be able to adapt to the subject, to the location and to changeable conditions. Not only that, the image files produced by pro-level cameras are crammed full of all the digital data required to reproduce the highest quality products.

4) Expertise

Professional pet photographers are not only creative experts they are also specialists in animal behaviour. They're able to utilise your pet's wonderful personality traits and anticipate what's likely to happen next. More importantly, they're ready to artistically capture that moment, which is often over in the blink of an eye (literally).

5) Life really is too short

Unfortunately, it's a sad fact of live that we nearly always outlive our furry friends. They are taken from us far too soon and more often then not you are left with hundreds of images on your phone and wishing you owned something that truly immortalises their life with you. 

6) A family member

If you were thinking about investing in a portrait session for your children or other family member/s, chances are, you would consider hiring a professional. The thought process that drew you to arrive at this conclusion should be the same reason you would hire a professional for a pet photo session. You have, after all, effectively identified a specific skill set that is essential to provide you with what you need.

7) Your home as a gallery

Vue.Dog | Dog Photography | 8 Reasons To Hire A Professional Pet Photographer

Pet Photography, undertaken, stylishly creates works of art. As a photographer and an artist, I believe that for something to really take pride of place in your home, it has to be evocative and truly personal.

8) No need to get down-and-dirty

A professional pet photographer will crawl around in the mud, roll on the grass and get wet and cold, all in the pursuit of creativity and those special moments. Apart from maybe holding the leash, you can relax and enjoy the show.

You're paying for a dedicated professional, so you can kick back and let me worry about getting those amazing images for you.

Let's take a look at what you can expect to experience.