Vue.Dog is a lifestyle, on-location pet photography brand. We provide fresh, quirky ideas and custom solutions to make dogs look cool and products stand out.

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If you love dogs, then you’re in the right place



PHOTOGRAPHER | explorer | designer | COFFEE FANATIC

Meet Andrew

I'm a self-confessed perfectionist and animal lover based in the historic market town of Tonbridge in Kent.

I count myself extremely fortunate to travel extensively as a Wildlife & Adventure Photographer. The years of in-the-field and on-location experience give me an invaluable and comprehensive understanding of animal behaviour. It’s this knowledge that allows me to extract the best out of the photo sessions.

When I’m not in the water, down in the mud, up a tree or in a hedge, I can be found crafting albums and designing products. Nothing makes me happier then creating beautiful, tangible works of art of your very special soul mate and it’s what truly inspires me. It’s the reason I leap out of bed each morning. That, and the smell of coffee!

 Vue.Dog | Dog Photography | Owner & Photographer Andrew Sproule
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 Vue.Dog | Focused On Dogs

Our Mission

Focused on Dogs

Vue.Dog was established with one main purpose: to Focus on Dogs. If you’re here, then you’re a dog person. We don’t care what breed you own, how old or how well behaved it is. If you love dogs, then you’re in the right place.

Made for you with your dog in mind

We're focused on providing a lifestyle, on-location experience that ensures your dog is always centre stage providing the inspiration for creating beautifully hand-crafted and tailored album and artwork solutions for your home that you’ll treasure for a lifetime, that will make your friends and relatives seriously jealous and that will make your dog look cool.


JOIN the movement

Increasing awareness and accelerating adoptions

I'm focused on being an advocate for the welfare of all dogs in Great Britain, fighting the cause and doing whatever I can to increase awareness and accelerate adoptions. When you book a session with Vue.Dog, you play an instrumental role that’s invaluable in allowing me to provide my services pro-bono to local shelters and charities. Unwanted, often long-suffering dogs all over the UK yearn for adoption in to forever-homes with caring families and if I can do my bit by providing my pet photography time, then the chances of a quick and successful adoption will greatly increase.

Vue.Dog is extremely proud to be a member of HeARTs Speak. A global community of photographers, writers, graphic designers, sculptors, painters, illustrators, shelter staff, rescue volunteers, and animal advocates working together to ensure that no shelter animal goes unseen. Join the movement.